Community Rules
  1. Introduction
    With ConflictRP we aim to create a friendly and pleasant community that welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms and a smile. Our Team are all here because we're passionate about roleplay, character creation, story-telling, and playing video games and we're excited to have you joining us. To keep everything pleasant and fair, we have a series of Community Rules in place.
  2. Behaviour
    • You are expected to treat everyone within this community with respect, without exception.

    • Hate speech, spamming, harassing, or otherwise intentionally upsetting, frustrating, or harming other community members will not be tolerated.
  3. Community Content
    • Everything posted to this forum must be placed within the correct section and/or subsection, without exception.

    • Content must be suitable for public consumption and therefore may not be related to (but not limited to) topics, videos, and/or images that portray gore, nudity, personally-identifying content or content that would violate another rule (such as hate speech, harassment, etc).

    • Spam will not be tolerated on any ConflictRP platform, and is defined as "irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent ... for advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc." You may not post duplicate threads or comments. Team ConflictRP holds the right to remove any content that they deem to be spam.

    • You may not post content (written or otherwise) that exists to show the community, or a community member, in a negative manner.
  4. Content Promotion
    • You may promote your own content (video, livestream, image, etc) if it relates directly to ConflictRP, and/or the community itself.

    • You may not promote content that is not your own.

    • You may not post content that has been captured from another community.

    • You may not post content that aims to target another community/community member.
  5. Drama
    • ConflictRP does not tolerate anyone speaking poorly of individual community members, or the community as a whole. This includes on a Livestream, on our Discord Server, on other Discord Servers, or in direct-messages. If you feel there is an issue with another community member you may submit a report via these forums. If you have concerns, criticisms, and/or worries about the community itself you may directly contact a member of Team ConflictRP.

    • A disagreement between two community members out-of-character should not influence behaviour that occurs on any of our roleplay game servers.

    • Reporting to members of Team ConflictRP that there is drama occurring within the community but refusing to share the details of the situation (including names of those involved) to help resolve it is considered unacceptable and will result in you being held somewhat responsible for the drama continuing to occur. It is our goal to peacefully resolve any disagreements within our community, which we cannot do when information is withheld in this way.

Roleplay Rules
  1. Introduction
    Our roleplay rules everyone playing on our Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server, at all times, without exception. These exist to create a fair and fun environment for everyone to tell their stories and play their characters within.
  2. No Failure to Roleplay (FailRP)
    • You must stay in-character (IC) at all times whilst on the ConflictRP GTAV server.
      • Example 1: You may not call another player while on the server by their username.
      • Example 2: You may not immediately run away from a scene after you have been revived by medical staff, having suffered a traumatic injury.

    • You must stay true to the character you have created (as long as they abide by these rules) at all times. Acting in a manner that is beyond the realm of "strange" for your character, or in a manner that is simply disruptive, intrusive, or otherwise frustrating to other players will be seen as a failure to roleplay.

    • You must always have character motivation for everything you do within the roleplay world.
  3. Characters Must Be Realistic
    • Any character created on ConflictRP must be original, and may not be a direct copy of a character played by another person, either on or off of ConflictRP. Character names must be realistic, must not contain profanity, and must not be intentionally silly, disruptive, rude, or otherwise intrusive to the natural flow of roleplay.

    • Your character may not be an exact copy of a celebrity, or otherwise famous person from the real world.

    • You may not create a character with the sole purpose of immediately being something like a mob-boss, movie star, or otherwise famous/infamous person (in-universe) without first consulting a member of Team ConflictRP about how you would wish to play this character.

      • Example: ConflictNerd wishes to play a character called Tony Cannoli, who is the son of a notorious mob boss, and the heir to the family. Over the past few years, he has sold off a lot of the family businesses and properties to gather the funds needed to carry on his father’s legacy, in secret, from his mansion in Rockford Hills. ConflictNerd can request some help from Team ConflictRP in setting up the background for this character, or he can create the character as a small-time criminal who needs to build-up to matching his father’s legacy.
  4. Maintain a High Quality of Roleplay
    • ConflictRP is a serious, realistic roleplay community and as such, we strive to uphold a high standard of roleplay. All community members are expected to aim for realism with their roleplay, using common sense and character personality to make any, and all, decisions while roleplaying.

    • You are not permitted to create "one and done" roleplay. This means that you cannot expect a story that would take time to play out to be finished within an unreasonably short time. You may not rush either your roleplay or the roleplay of others.

    • Some features on ConflictRP are instantaneous to improve the general user experience but could be seen as unfair if used during certain circumstances. As such, the following Quality of Roleplay sub-rules are in place;
      • You may not use vehicle garages during an active vehicle chase, or if police are attempting to pull over your vehicle.
      • You may not use any vehicle modification shop during an active vehicle chase.
      • You may not use your cellphone while in prison - this includes Twitter.*
      • You may not use your cellphone while incapacitated - this includes Twitter.*
      • *This does not include calling 911 or 311 as a local.

  5. No Extreme Roleplay
    • Roleplay involving, but not limited to, rape, racism, torture, and/or terrorism is strictly prohibited on ConflictRP.
  6. No Erotic Roleplay
    • Roleplay involving any kind of sexual activity is strictly prohibited on ConflictRP.
  7. No Power Gaming
    • You may not inflict unfair/unrealistic roleplay on others, and/or a situation in where there is no other option for another player character.
    • All roleplay must come from somewhere and cannot simply be made up on the spot because you think it would be interesting at the time; especially if your actions could severely impact the roleplay of another player.

    • You may not "camp" any of the spawn locations around San Andreas in order to easily kidnap, harm, or otherwise interact with any character. Avoid roleplay in those specific locations as much as possible.

    • Abuse of game mechanics, or a lack of game mechanics, for personal gain is strictly prohibited.
  8. No Meta Gaming
    • You may not use any information gathered outside of roleplay such as on streams or Discord (Stream Sniping) while playing your character on ConflictRP.
      • Example 1: Galundiar is streaming on the server and you hear him say in-character to someone “let’s meet up at Sandy Shores Fuel Station.” You may not, drive up there on purpose just to meet with them if your character has not engaged with them and does not know about this meetup in-character.
      • Example 2: While joining the server, you see that ConflictNerd is online via the player list - and you assume he’s playing his Law Enforcement Character. With this information in mind, you decide that your criminal character will not commit any crime until you, the player, know that ConflictNerd is offline. This would be considered meta-gaming.
      • Example 3: You have been committing crime on ConflictRP for a couple of hours already and have yet to be caught. As you tab out of the game you see on Discord that Gaming_Country has just started a livestream as his Law Enforcement Character, Bob Fultz. With this in mind you decide to stop committing crime on your traditionally-criminal character. This would be considered meta-gaming.
  9. Avoid Violence in "Safe Zones"
    • Violent roleplay should be avoided in the following areas as much as possible to avoid impacting on other players roleplay;
      • Police Stations
      • Hospitals
      • Clothing, Tattoo, & Barber Stores
      • Spawn Points
  10. Avoid Off-Limits Areas
    • The following areas of the map are completely off-limits, with no exceptions;
      • Fort Zancudo
      • Los Santos International Airport
      • Merryweather Dock
  11. Avoid Restricted Clothing
    • Individuals cannot wear Law Enforcement Officer and/or Emergency Medical Service clothing without being a part of the emergency services. This will be seen as impersonating emergency services which is forbidden on the ConflictRP GTAV server.
  12. No Cop Baiting
    • Cop Baiting is the act of consistently attempting to gain the attention of one or more police officers with committing crimes right in front of them or calling them constantly to “fake” calls just so you can interact with them.
      • Example: You have found Senior Trooper Adam Walsh sitting at Legion Square and, on purpose, you drive past him at a high rate of speed just to initiate a police chase.
  13. No Cheating, Exploiting and/or Hacking
    • Whilst the utmost care is taken to fix any glitches on the server before any updates are released, sometimes they may slip through the cracks. If you find one of these glitches, please report it via the forums immediately. If this glitch is later found and you are found to have exploited the glitch, you will be banned.
      • Example: A money glitch was reported on the server, however, had been found on the server a few days beforehand and not reported by those who found it. This glitch was then exploited by those players. Upon fixing the glitch, ConflictRP staff were able to find out which individuals had exploited the glitch and these players were then banned from the ConflictRP GTAV server.
    • Hacking is not tolerated on any of the ConflictRP servers, if found to be hacking the server, you will be immediately banned.
  14. No “Ambush Roleplay”
    • You may not Ambush another player without first consulting this with the player(s) that you are going to be attacking & a member of the ConflictRP team about the attack. Failure to do so will result in getting Banned from ConflictRP.
      • Example 1: Player 1 and Player 2 are planning to lure Player 3 into a dead end and ambush them. They have not informed the involved player nor a ConflictRP team member. After the incident, they will get banned for breaking said rule.
      • Example 2: Player 1 and Player 2 are planning to lure Player 3 into a dead end and ambush them. They have informed both the player and the ConflictRP team before the incident.
      • Example 3: Player 1 and Player 2 are planning to lure Player 3 into a dead end and ambush them. After discussing it with Player 3 & the ConflictRP team they get ready to make the attack. Player 3 decides not to go near the area where he is invited to go because of his out-of-character knowledge about the attack. Player 3 will get banned for breaking the meta-gaming rule.
  15. No Revenge Attacking / New Life Rule
    • Upon being incapacitated by another character you are prohibited from violently engaging with that character for thirty minutes after you receive medical treatment.

    • Should you fail to receive medical treatment from a medical character (read: you type /respawn when prompted) you will be unable to remember the events that lead up to you being incapacitated - including any character(s) that may have been involved.
  16. Maintain a Value of Life
    • At all times, you must value the life of your character and of those around you.
      • Example: If you have a gun to your head, you cannot run away or draw your own weapon. You must comply with the demands made to you if your life is at risk.
  17. Respect Your Surroundings
    • As 95% of the GTA world is populated by AI, ConflictRP prides itself on players treating AI with the same respect and value as they would show to other players.
  18. Gang/Group Activity
    • You may have a maximum of four people when engaging in group/gang activity.
      • Any gang members outside of the group of four currently engaging in group activity are prohibited from taking part in on-going roleplay in any way, including as a lookout for law enforcement.
      • Two groups/gangs may not join together as a means to circumvent this rule.

    • If one member of a gang initiates hostile roleplay with another character it is not unreasonable for the victim to assume that the entire gang is involved.

    • Active gang members should wear matching attire that makes them easily identifiable as a member of the gang.

    • Being in a gang does not make you exempt from any of the posted rules and being in a gang does not give you the right to tell another character what to do without reason to do so.

    Team ConflictRP reserve the right to disband any gang seen to be in breach of these rules, without notice.

  19. No Random/Vehicular Death Match (RDM/VDM)
    • RDM/VDM is never allowed. Any conflict must be initiated either verbally or through texts/twitter.

    • The only exception to this rule applies to Store Robberies, Bank Robberies and Heists. In these three cases, both parties will assume gunfire will occur without any prior communication.

    • Gunfire that does not injure or down a player is not considered RDM.
      • Example: Shooting at a player’s feet to get their attention.
  20. Communications
    • A microphone is required to play on any of the ConflictRP servers. Microphones MUST be set to push-to-talk (PTT) on all servers.

    • You may not use any form of external communication while engaged in roleplay on ConflictRP. This does not include police using TeamSpeak 3 as an in-game radio.

    • Police may not speak out-of-character on TeamSpeak 3.
  21. No Abuse of Server Crashes/Restarts
    • Where there is a server crash or restart, where possible, if you were engaged in active roleplay directly before the crash/restart, you must return to the location of the roleplay, wait for the other players to return and then continue the roleplay.
  22. Use Correct Terminology
    • You may not skirt the Out Of Character (OOC) rule by saying things like;
      • "I hope the government will do this."
      • "I’ll ask the government about this"
      • "I’m wearing a bodycam." (You’re streaming)

    • Referring to Discord using its official name, or any other variation such as “Discordia” is not allowed on the ConflictRP GTAV server. You can, however, refer to “being sent an email,” or “sending an email,” which is an acceptable way to tell someone, in-character, that you have sent them a Direct Message.

    • Telling another player that you will report them to the government is unacceptable.
  23. No In-Character Rule Explaining
    • Instead of saying “I have a gun held to your head, you’re not valuing your life right now”, you could say “I’m going to shoot you in the head if you keep moving.”

    • Report people who break the rules via the forums and this will be looked at by a member of Team ConflictRP, who will then deal with the individual appropriately.
  24. No Combat-Logging or Combat-Storing
    • You may not log out of the server in order to avoid roleplay.

    • You may not store vehicles in your garage that are actively involved in on-going roleplay
      • Example: State Police are looking for your blue Karuma. To avoid it being located you store it in the garage at Elgin Avenue, thus completely removing it from the world and leaving no room for State Police to find it.

    • You may only log out once you are clear of any active roleplay.
  25. Correctly Roleplay Your Injuries
    • If there are no Law Enforcement Officers or Emergency Medical Service personnel on duty at the time of your character being downed, after a timer there will be an option to respawn at Pillbox Medical Centre. Upon respawning at Pillbox Medical, you do not remember anything 15 minutes prior to your death and you are also not allowed to return to the scene of your accident/attack for 30 minutes after respawning.
      • Example: You were stabbed by a male in a black jacket with black pants. There are no emergency services available, therefore you get airlifted to Pillbox Medical. After getting out of hospital you may not go to Mission Row to wait for a Law Enforcement Officer to arrive so you can report that you were stabbed by a male in a black jacket and black jeans.
  26. Do not treat Emergency Services as a Quick Respawn Option
    • If your character is downed, emergency service personnel will strive to create roleplay around the incident that has occurred. As a player you are not permitted to request the emergency services to revive your character and for you to then leave the scene as if nothing happened.
      • Example: You were shot. Emergency service personnel arrive on scene. They will conduct an investigation at the scene to try and figure out what happened and gather evidence. You may not just tell the medical staff on scene to help you on your feet so you can walk off the scene.
  27. “Not Remembering” is NOT a Get Out of Jail Free Card
    • This means that criminals must not respawn at Pillbox Medical, then claim memory loss to keep Law Enforcement Officers from charging characters with the crimes committed. San Andreas State Police can, and will, detain and jail characters for crimes committed before their memory loss as a result of an injury.
  28. No Sharing Information Between Your Characters
    • You may not share information between two characters that you play, regardless of any relation they may have. All character information must be learned through roleplay.
  29. No Asset Transfers Between Your Characters
    • You may not transfer any assets to another player with the intention of acquiring those assets on another of your characters.
  30. Always Act as Though Police are On-Duty
    • You must always play your character as though there is a high police presence within San Andreas, however are encouraged to act accordingly if you notice a lack of police presence.

    • You may not wait until there is a lower/minimal police presence in order to commit a robbery.

    • You may not wait until there is a lower/minimal police presence in order to sell drugs

    • You may not wait until there is a lower/minimal police presence in order to commit a murder.

  31. Use and Misuse of Out of Character Chat
    • Out of Character (OOC) chat through voice is prohibited on ConflictRP. You must remain in-character at all times when verbally communicating, or speaking at all, while in-game.

    • Out of Character (OOC) text channels (such as /OOC and /GOOC) are only to be used when absolutely essential. You may not use OOC text in order to direct roleplay, you may not use it in order to influence roleplay, and you may not use it as a means to influence or direct your own roleplay. If, for example, you need to direct Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to some kind of evidence you have dropped/lost then you may use the /911 and/or /311 commands to report that information as a “Local” (read: Non-Player Character).
      • Example: “/911 [LOCAL] I just saw a guy in a red shirt and blue jeans rob the Paleto gas station!” This would appeak to emergency services as; "[911] Call #01: [LOCAL] I just saw a guy in a red shirt and blue jeans rob the Paleto gas station!” and could then be used to further their investigation.

    • Other times you may use OOC text chats is to report urgent issues on the server, to inform people that you’re roleplaying actively with that you need to leave suddenly, and/or to inform online server staff that there may be an active cheater - although this would be preferrably done via a direct message to server staff.

About us

  • Priding ourselves on realism and respect, ConflictRP puts the roleplay first and gives you a friendly, fun, and exciting place to create new stories, continue old ones, and form great relationships with the community around you. With over a decade of roleplay experience between our small team, we're excited to share our vision of what Roleplay can be. Whether you're a police officer, taxi driver, gangster, or busker, ConflictRP promises to give you the space you need to tell the story you wish to tell - with the people and community there to support you the entire way. Veteran of story-telling, or first-time roleplay, everyone is welcome to join us on this amazing journey.

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